LuST Scenario

Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario

LuST Scenario is an open source traffic scenario built for SUMO 0.27 and compatibile with Veins.


  • 24 hours of synthetic mobility generated with the ACTIVITYGEN tool.
  • 563 bus stops with 38 bus routes.
  • 931.11 km of roads on a surface of 155.95 square kilometers.
  • 14,171 polygons including buildings and parking lots.
  • 3,161 inductive loops located on the highway and in the city.
LUST Topology LuST Polygons
LuST Scenario Topology LuST Scenario Polygons


Release version: LuST Scenario v2.0

Development version: LuST Scenario master

The scenario is hosted on GitHub. Your contribution is highly appreciated!



The wiki is hosted on GitHub:



Lara CODECA, Raphael FRANK, Thomas ENGEL, "Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) Scenario: 24 Hours of Mobility for Vehicular Networking Research" in Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC15).

If you use LuST Scenario or one of its components, we would appreciate a citation of our work.



The scenario is freely available under the MIT license to the whole community.

The description of the license is available at

The LuST Scenario is funded by the Fond Nationale de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg [Project number 5761149]