A Simulation Package for Pervasive Vehicular Connectivity

LuST-LTE is a package of open-source simulation tools that allows the simulation of vehicular traffic along with pervasive LTE connectivity. Most importantly, LuST-LTE provides handover functionality and adds LTE infrastructure of a mobile network operator to the LuST road traffic simulation scenario of Luxembourg City.

Contact: Thierry Derrmann



Development version


Available on GitHub


  • T. Derrmann, R. Frank, F. Viti, "Towards Estimating Urban Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams From Mobile Phone Signaling Data: A Simulation Study", in TRB 96th Annual Meeting, 2017
  • T. Derrmann, S. Faye, R. Frank, T. Engel, "Poster: LuST-LTE: A Simulation Package for Pervasive Vehicular Connectivity", in Proceedings of the IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), December, 2016


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