Project Summary:

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is quickly and steadily gaining importance for a wide range of applications.

In this research we investigate the potential of BLE for Inter and Intra-Vehicular Communications (IVC). This work is motivated by the fact that the deployment of specifically designed IVC technologies such as Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) based on IEEE 802.11p, is taking longer than initially expected. 

It is our belief that the ubiquity of BLE enabled mobile devices would allow a fast deployment of new Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in a near future. This is especially true as more and more car manufacturers provide interfaces to tightly integrate mobile devices within new vehicles (e.g. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto) and that by 2018, 90 percent of mobile devices are expected to support the low energy standard. 

BLE advantageous low energy requirements allow services to run in the background on battery powered mobile devices without limiting the usage of other applications. 

Although this technology has originally been designed for short-range single hop communications, we plan on optimizing its use in a vehicular context with possible deployment alongside other technologies (DSRC/5G).